“Out of It in Africa" - an Afterword

LeRoy and Judy Curtis, co-founders of the Kenya Ministry Training Institute, wrote a fantastic book about their experiences in Kenya. It’s actually more like a collection of their newsletters and journal entries that span their eight year tenure here. The book chronicles the months leading up to their move to Kenya until the time they returned “home,” whatever that meant for them (at the time of writing this, I haven't yet finished the book).

Without going into more detail, I want to encourage anyone who has, will, or is planning to visit and/or live on the African continent to read this book! It was really enjoyable and entertaining, especially because living here provides a perfect a frame of reference for all they wrote about. Even someone who has only visited here for two weeks would understand some of the African-isms highlighted in the book.

It's good to know that other wazungu (white people) who have lived here share in our thoughts, observations, and perspectives on Kenyan culture. It's also encouraging to hear how the Lord has walked alongside them through it all and where He has revealed his grace to them through other individuals and situations. I (Jeremy) also say this to forewarn you that much of what I write about in the future may be triggered or influenced by what I've read in the book. It's not that I'm praising this piece of text for its literary genius (no offense, LeRoy and Judy), but there's so much inspiration and insight that comes from their words. From what I've read thus far, they so eloquently put into writing much of the feelings that Rheanna and I go through on a fairly daily basis. We hope that as you read Out of It in Africa, you'll have a better understanding of our life abroad!