Student Highlight Vol. 1

Something we really love about Youth Venture in the U.S. are the testimonies of God’s redemption among San Diego’s youth. As such, we’ve asked the various teams to have open eyes, ears, and hearts to the ways God is revealing Himself to the youth in this nation, and we want to make sure that those of you back home know how God is moving among the youth in East Africa.

Thus, meet Najim Kemunto. At 15, she was married off by her parents to a polygamist. Now, at 21, she is in high school with two children. Unfortunately, while giving birth to her second baby via cesarean section, there were complications with the surgery that left her kidney damaged. Now, Najim is working through constant physical pain as well as the separation of her children, who are believed to be with their dad. A local boarding school in Nakuru has taken her in, and when we went to visit the YV club at the school, our local leaders, as well as Rheanna, had the opportunity to minister to her.

She was reserved at first, but after praying for her, a breakthrough occurred. Words can’t fully describe the influx of emotions that overcame Najim, but it was no doubt the power of the Spirit working in her heart and in the hearts of our team.

It was also by His divine intervention that just a week before coming to Nakuru, we met an American couple living in Kijabe, just an hour outside of Nakuru. The wife happens to be a physician at a well-known hospital in Kijabe so upon learning of Najim’s condition, we touched base with that American couple and quickly mobilized our local team to take Najim for a check-up - something she hadn’t received in an unknown specified amount of time. Ibrahim and another team member spent the entire day at the hospital while Najim received much-needed medical care and treatment.

While we’d like to say that Najim is now completely healed, there is still more that needs to take place - that of her physical condition but, more importantly, of her spirit. Fortunately, Youth Venture meets at the boarding school weekly, and there is a house mom who has sown and shown much compassion and love for Najim (this house mom is also expected to be a part of Youth Venture!)

We are so thankful to see God working through our team’s dedication and commitment to the youth, just as we see it in the states. We also know that through all of this Najim has felt the all-consuming, never-ending love of Christ - the first and most important step in any road to recovery and redemption.

Please join us in prayer as we lift up Najim and the untold stories of other kids of Youth Venture East Africa, and through it all, may He receive all the glory, honor, and blessing. Amen.