We're In This Together

When we lived in the States, we met every week at a friend’s house to fellowship with the saints and collectively worship our Lord. We would dine, laugh, cry, and minister to one another as well as discuss the gospel against the backdrop of current events. In other words, we went to a church home group. What made it easy and enjoyable to (almost) make it every week wasn’t the pastor’s constant, friendly rebuke if we did not show up; it was that we were all friends.

Over the past handful of years I, Jeremy, have had this mental question of how the Kingdom applies to everyday relationships. I think there’s some underlying assumption that all believers should be friends or have an unspoken kinship with one another simply because we share in the grace of God and our call to discipleship.

Since moving to Kenya and quickly, almost forcefully, making friendships, I've realized that there’s no time to waste on superficial qualifications; forming a friendship here means seeing beyond physical features, appearances, mutual interests (aside from serving God), language, and even culture. As we are here, seemingly alone, there is more meaning to friendship than what we were used to in the States. Our friendship circle is now opening up, just like our hearts, to really see the character of a person - that as fellow saints we are included in the same heavenly family and, thus, share the strongest bond any two people can have.

So, although we miss the many things that made San Diego home, we are learning and growing into building relationship here and how we can really take that anywhere we go.