Disclaimer: A long update as we’ve been without wifi for the past five days!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since arriving to Kenya. Many days have been spent shopping for home goods, getting acquainted with local businesses, and familiarizing ourselves with our new home-town of Kitale. We’re slowly but surely making this place a comfortable home!

It’s also amazing how we’ve bought nothing but the same produce and vegetables a couple of times and have been able to get creative in how we cook. So far, we’ve (most Rheanna) made stew, pasta, and even crepes - all from scratch!


Above is a picture of the city market where we’ve done most of our produce shopping when we aren’t buying them in the supermarket. There are a couple of the latter in town, called Tusky’s and Khetia’s. A third, Nakumatt, used to be one of the biggest stores in Kenya but they’ve managed to go bankrupt. I heard they are in negotiations to partner with Tusky’s, but it’s all heresay. Anyway, we refer to these stores as WalMart because one can find essentially everything they need here - groceries, produce, home goods, appliances, etc. We’ve done most of our shopping here and are thankful to have these stores in town.


The other day, we went back to Mattaw, an orphanage we visited on our trip last year. This is a pretty unique organization as it’s actually a 501(c)3 that operates an orphange, church, and school. We will hopefully visit this place quite often as it’s only a five minute drive from our house, and Shiloh immediately took a liking to the students, calling them “friends” whenever she saw them and inviting them to play on the playground.


We took a couple of “boda bodas” from our place to the KMTI campus so Samie and Stephanie can have a private shopping experience from a local merchandiser. After shopping in the city market for the past few days, it was nice to have time to ourselves to shop without the bustle of the street vendors pining for business.

We were also planning to take a couple of months to settle in before starting any work with the Youth Venture clubs, but we couldn’t help ourselves! We’ve since visited three schools to conduct Youth Venture programs as well as began planning for two conferences taking place in November.

This is what some of our everyday “job” will look like as we visit different schools in the area and conduct a Youth Venture program or attend as special guests. The format is pretty standard every time - introductions, game, message, and prayer - but the students and faculty are always honored to have “mzungus” as their guests. They especially get a kick out of Shiloh.

As you can see, the past two weeks have proven to be quite tiring as we observe and experience a LOT on a daily basis! To be honest, it’s a bit taxing - mentally and emotionally -  especially when feeling homesick. Now that Samie and Stephanie are back in the States, we can really begin to settle into our lives overseas and will further lean on one another for friendship, encouragement, and support. We realize it’s an exciting yet challenging season for us, so we would appreciate your prayers for patience and unity within our marriage.